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If you’ve ever had to disassemble your Griptilian, Bugout, Osborne, or other Benchmade knife that features an Axis Lock, you know all too well how difficult reassembly can be; Flytanium has developed a game-changing tool that functions as a locking key, Torx bit, and punch to make modding your Benchmade easier than ever! Designed to fit in the D-notch shaped pivot to keep the liners, axis bar, spring, blade, and washers held together while replacing hardware, scales, or other accessories you may want to install. Initially developed as a way to make things easier for Flytanium’s team to test install scales during their quality control processes, the Flytanium Pivot Tool for Benchmade Knives offers a rather painless way to remove and re-install your pivot assembly on your .187″ diameter pivot Benchmade knives.

Each Flytanium Pivot Tool is machined from quality hardened tool steel and features a keyed D-notch, knurled end, and a T10 driver for simple pivot removal and installation.

*Please note: Benchmade’s Warranty may not cover the disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade’s Warranty department.

Compatible Models

Bugout 535

Mini Bugout 533

Osborne 940

Mini Osborne 945

Bailout 537

Mini Griptilian 556

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